What’s In A Name?

I have a jaded view of the limousine industry. That attitude grew from observation of how limo company owners operate, specifically their treatment of people – customers and workers both.

My experience is limited, of course. But of the three or four big operators in my area, I know drivers who work for all of them, and they tell me the same story; the guys and girls who run these places are big on vision but light on the down and dirty business of working in a luxury/discretionary area. It’s tough out there, and drivers often take all the heat, from crappy money to disgruntled customers.

Which is why the naming conventions of limousine companies gives me reason to smile. They are all so chipper:

~ Above All Limo and Town Car

~ Prestige Limousines

~ Diplomat Limo

~ Regal Limousines

~ Diamond Limousines

~ Elite Limousines

~ Royal Coach Limousines

~ Premier Cars

~ TLC Limousine

~ High Class Limo

…and so on.

It’s a joke to believe that they’re ALL the BEST, because it simply isn’t possible. Just once, I’d like to see someone advertise a limo business as “…decently priced with okay cars…” or “…mostly good drivers…” or “…you get what you pay for…”

As far as I can see, only habit keeps people returning to a specific company (if they’re regular users) and either price or recommendation if they’re one-offs.

Naming therefore reflects the lack of imagination of owners, making practically zero difference with any individual consumer’s choice. Clearly, owners haven’t figured out this fundamental fact.

My favourite name for a limo company is “Rollex Limousine”. Yeah. Just like the fine Swiss timepieces.