My Job As A Salesman Is…

Gelato-colored beachcombers aka prospective customers.
Gelato-colored beachcombers aka prospective customers.


Selling is new to me. I have no experience, and no guide. There are sales schools, I guess, but are they likely to be much good? And in any case, my aim is clear-cut and easily stated:


[important]My job as a salesman is to give my full sales presentation to as many qualified people as possible.[/important]


Now, the way forward is to go meet as many qualified people as possible, and convince them to spend thirty minutes with me. In a way, that’s where the salesmanship lies. People’s time is valuable, and they are rightly skeptical. Getting them to “yes” on a dedicated meeting is a small triumph all on its own.

Qualifying customers means assessing two factors:

1.  Do they have the money to buy my company’s products?

2. See 1.

That’s all there is to it. If you’re a solvent human, you will probably benefit from what I’ll show you.

C’mon, this selling game’s a piece of cake! What could possibly stand in my way?  *laughing*


Tomatoes, Tins, Taste & Trying New Things

Should the seeds be removed?
Should the seeds be removed?

Until yesterday, tinned tomatoes weren’t on my “not to eat” list. Now, they are.

They’re apparently a long-term health hazard, despite the many benefits of eating tomatoes.

Here’s the problem: bisphenol-A, a synthetic estrogen.

I’ve been aware of the problem with food in plastic containers for a while now, but canned goods? This is a new one. Apparently, BPA is a factor in all kinds of chronic diseases as well as obesity. Crikey.

The answer, is simple enough. We can either:

a. Bottle and preserve our own tomatoes.

b. Choose tomatoes in glass containers (that obviously don’t conatin BPA) or

c. Use fresh tomatoes every time.

Hmmm. Not certain I have all that much time for the first and third of those, so I’ll start with changing my tomato purcahsing habits.

Interestingly, and quite independently, I have begun experimenting with oven-dried tomatoes, as a kind of experiment with food condiments. I LOVE sun-dried tomatoes, but they’re hellish expensive. Oven-drying is nearly the same, and now that it’s summer, tomatoes are super-cheap.

We’ll see how it goes, but they look pretty tasty, don’t they?

Being The Man

Time, repetition and persistence.
Time, repetition and persistence.

Who are you?

Are  you the high-school chemistry teacher? Are you the air-conditioning guy? Are you the massage therapist?

For better or worse, we’re labeled by our occupation, by what we do every day. It’s as if the world requires a simple handle, because the world likes shorthand. Shorthand speaks to our mental compartments.

But what if you don’t want to be the trainer or technician any more? What if you want to move yourself into some other sphere, to be described another way? Well, I see only one path, and that’s to set about being that person.

That’s about where I am now. For a while I was known as the pilot; then I was the guy who does something with stocks and futures; then I was in the limo business; now I do something at night with that nobody understands.

Now (partially) I’m the salesguy – but only to a few people, and then only conditionally. I’m in the metamorphosis phase. Every day, every meeting, I reinforce the new, and the old naturally withers. Because I’m only selling in my spare time, the transition is slower than I’d like.

Too bad for me.

Good Ideas Will Spread

Design simplicity.
Design simplicity.

Good ideas will spread, so they say. But bad ideas do too, and there often seems to be an unending battle between the good and the bad.

Take the easels in the photograph I took recently. They’re elegant pieces that stand out amongst the chaos around them. As a physical form, they tell you what their function is without explanation. It’s obvious what kind of advantage they offer. The idea goes straight to the “Oh I get it!’ part of our brain.

Easels are clearly a good idea.

To me, the products I sell are an equally transparent good. My job is to introduce them to you, and help you see them the same way.

Easy as easels.