Just a Little More

What just happened.
What just happened.

How is your year going so far? June, here we are, beginning week twenty-three of 2014. The summer solstice is in three weeks. Independence Day here in the US in a month. My yearly dental check-up is in eight weeks. Slowing time isn’t an option, so onwards we march.

Time has my attention of late because there seems to little of it. I suffer the usual human dilemma, which is that life happens while we’re planning other things. Planning is in my blood, and, I’m guessing, in yours too. We tend to overlook the immediate while contemplating the future. Being in the moment doesn’t come naturally. Keeping still and observant requires lots of energy and perseverance. Ironic, eh?

I am wrong about there being a lack of time. There’s infinite time, at least for our purposes. Time does have a direction, however, which makes life like those sushi restaurants in Tokyo with the conveyor belt that runs endlessly right in front of you. Spot some gorgeous fatty tuna and you’d better grab it while you can.

A little more available time would mean doing more of the stuff I have planned. My plans currently revolve around creating ways of making income disproportionate to the amount of time spent. In my own case, I spend eleven hours a night at my job. It’s a linear relationship between hours and dollars. The smarter way to occupy one’s day is to create multiples of dollars for each hour worked…ideally, multiples of recurrent dollars. Let’s call it an asymmetrical paycheck.

This makes the whole idea circular – I need more hours to work at creating more hours.

Simplicity tells me that the way to make this happen is to eat the elephant one bite at a time. (Awful metaphor. I certainly don’t advocate eating elephants. They’re too tough. Kidding.)

One hour at a time. Small efforts, consistently. One customer at a time. Conscious leverage.