Chaos is a malevolent elf – a goblin more accurately – trying to find a way into your life. He’s tireless in his attempts to push over tables and rust up your pipes. Every opportunity he sees to tip your life off balance he will, all with a gleeful cackle.

The spilled furniture and rusty pipes are a normal part of life that we just have to deal with. Chaos is more serious when he finds his way into our spending habits and economic life.

For instance, if you open your credit card statement and find that you don’t have enough to cover the minimum payment, that’s Chaos at work. If your car unexpectedly needs a new starter motor and you have to think about where to find the $350, it’s Chaos again.  He’s relentless, insidious and destructive.

We can put Chaos in his place, however. His one big glaring weakness is that he cannot overcome planning. If we plan our budget, we will always have enough for those annoying car repairs. When we have control of our finances, we will always have more than enough to pay the entire balance of our credit card, every month.

With the knowledge that we are realistic about our income and committed to living within our means, Chaos heads to other households. He hates emergency funds, savings, multiple sources of income, discipline, frugality and budgeting for an uncertain future.

It’s our choice as to whether Chaos hangs around outside your place or mine.

This Goes Before That

Modern dilemmas don’t always allow for clear-cut solutions. If you had to prioritize, is paying your cellphone bill more important than buying lunch for a week? What about if you’re unemployed and searching for a job?