The answer to the question Why do I need to supplement my diet with fish-oil? is To improve my cardiovascular health.

That seems like reason enough. Inconceivable to me is the thought of people not taking their Omega-3s, and yet there are billions who don’t. So if you are one of those billions, or you need a push in the right direction, there is more news: people with diets high in omega-3 fatty acids are less likely to have brain shrinkage.

Okay, so my brain will shrink less, what does that mean? It means that you are keeping a precursor to Alzheimers at bay. Research tells us that brain shrinkage can help predict the onset of Alzheimers years in advance. Two new studies show positive association between fish-oil supplement use and average brain volumes in two critical areas utilized in memory and thinking.

I am not an expert. But it seems to me that if there’s a decent enough chance of keeping my brain volume (and therefore cognitive function) higher for longer, I’d be crazy not to take it. (Small brain-based joke there.)

Why not eat fish to get our O-3s? Yes, go right ahead. You will be eating around seven servings of cod or two of salmon every day. Sick of your high-fish diet? Well then, the other problem is that farm-raised fish are lower in O-3s than wild fish, and you will also be loading up on all kinds of contaminants that – sadly – fish contain thesedays. Supplements in the form of capsules or liquids are safer and more efficient.

I know, you are not convinced. 1,000 mg to 2,000 mg of pure, natural, cold-water fish-oil each day is not worth the hassle. I get it. But mine comes in a package every month, and I just took today’s does with my morning coffee.

It’s that easy.