Fed Troll

How did it come to this?

How did the world come to the point of waiting breathlessly for every word emanating from an egghead finance professor?

Why is our entire financial system in the hands of her and her counterparts doing the same job in other countries?

From whence do these unelected know-nothings garner their power?

Is their record of achievement or failure ever correlated with their stated or mandated aims?

At what point do markets free themselves from this suicidal path?

Wishful Thinking

The goal is pretty simple: to have everyone live within their means. The problems and knock-on effects of us spending more than our income, borrowing more than we can repay and (most importantly) failing to face up to these things is bad for all of us.

Sure, you can buy a car on the never-never…but you never see the lost opportunity of not investing that money.

Yes, you can put the vacation cruise on the credit card, but you never see what that money could have bought twenty years from now.

And of course you can buy a more expensive house than you can comfortably afford, but do you know how much interest you pay on a thirty-year mortgage?

It is easy to be a folded-arm critic, but actually that’s the point. It is a counterpoint to the hard work of resisting temptation, especially the kind of temptation that doesn’t appear to be any kind of drag on your life. Money has become – deliberately – an abstract concept, unrelated to anything as mundane as work and savings. Banks want you to think of money as a tool, especially borrowed money. The greater the disconnect between your debt and reality, the better they like it.

After all, you deserve it, right? And it’s not really manipulation. The bank says you’re in charge.


Where are the adults?

Greece owes other people somewhere around $300,000,000,000. That is one third of a trillion dollars.
And it has basically no way to pay that money back.

If you or I had this kind of problem, it would be a straight shot to bankruptcy, but you and I aren’t members of a gang called “The Eurozone”.

Just another part of the suicide path our bankers and governments have us on.



Tick Tock

Do  you ever feel like time is passing without you a part of it?

This last week or so has been like that for me. No doubt any person you ask suffers from this from time to time, but it always leaves me feeling powerless, empty…bummed, really.

And yet I look back and it’s not like I haven’t done anything. The podcast has been accepted by iTunes; I have made some good decisions about my life; I have been working, as usual. Lack of effort isn’t the problem, it is more like the scale of what remains looks so overwhelming. That’s the key to that feeling of impotence – here is all this stuff I want (and am able to do) and I can barely find enough time to sleep.

Nope, nothing for it but to forge ahead. Observe your fear, register your ambition, make achievable plans, and just keep working. I have changed my thinking about these self-pep talks, and now see monthly goals as the best. There is enough time to actually do things, and enough wiggle room to allow for my human-ness.

Month-to-month. Tick tock.