Daze Orff

Two days off with a five-hour shift in the middle; now that’s not a bad way to go.

At Bait & Switch today the place was busy as all heck, for a nothing-special Wednesday. Sweet supervisors yelling over the radio for us to meet customers, when I was already with two or three people. It doesn’t bug me except when a Bait Supervisor asked me if I could hear the radio.

Yes, butthole, I can hear it, but I am prioritizing by listening to my customers.

Again the problem is clear: not enough people.

Dear Fred, the mandatory non-English speaker in our midst isn’t really any help. He tries, and he knows the procedure when a specific type of bait isn’t readily available, but reverts to his first instinct which is to refer the person to me. When I’m already overloaded, it just make the system look worse.

In any case, the best path is to stay as unflappable as possible and not worry about the dumbass Canadians and the cheapass Americans. If they find their bait, great, if not, no-one dies.

Someone else makes the calculation about staffing levels and the resultant customer satisfaction; not me.