Sunday, yesterday, cheap-o day at the bait shop. All was quiet from the 8:00 am kick-off, but after about noon all the arseholes under the Floridian sun decided to make a trip to Bait & Switch.

A certain kind of person is beginning to be the majority here. I smell the fact that they’re from New York, New Jersey and environs. They’re distinguished by an ability to talk straight at service people who are already engaged in serving people.

Picture me, in conversation with an individual bait shopper. Observing us, any normal human would be immediately struck by the thought “oh, look, both of those people are talking; I’ll wait until completion of their interaction before I begin a new one”.

Obviously, an increasing number of people have yet to become acquainted with some elements of the social contract. Notions of taking turns, patience and civility will make for novel and arresting ideas for these people. And then there’s the application of such wonderments.

I nearly, accidentally, walked into an ancient dame. I apologized – twice – but she scoffed and walked on without any positive human acknowledgement. Oh well, she’ll die a horrid painful death.