Back to Basics

It’s just a bloody shop.

Keep it properly stocked. Keep it clean. Keep it organized. Make people feel welcome. Don’t put up with any shit.

In the last week: we are out of green “Out of Stock” tags. We ran out of both our best selling red earthworms and a top-five white earthworm variety. Scheduled tasks (centrally determined, BTW) were not completed more than 50% of the time.

I could go on.

When “managers” look up towards corporate rather than straight ahead at the people walking through the door, stuff goes wrong.

When edicts from someone thousands of miles away are perceived as more important than what customers ask for, stuff gets missed.

When no-one has the ability to create systems that simplify and work, someone loses.

When no-one feels sufficiently strong to start the process of starting from scratch (every so often) there is no future.

There is no future.