Walking Dead

Friday night and a special treat arrived for some of us at the Bait & Switch shop: an off-site event.

A local institution (coughcoughRinglingcough) was the beneficiary of the largesse of the Dodgy Brothers. A walk through the grounds was punctuated by stations of food and bait, all for the low low price of $135 ($175 for VIPS). Called the……Bait Walk, it had the potential to be a cluster, especially given the organizing ability of the Bait Manager in charge.

I was situated at the first tasting station. With me were three other Bait Associates, all of whom were Kool-Aid-soaked deadshits from other stores. OMG these guys had zero personality, and less customer rapport.

Two of them took one bait type each, leaving me with the red bait – two bottles. The other one stood (literally stood stationary) behind us and did nothing but opened containers.

As the line became longer, and people began to linger at the tasting table, I figured to move up the line to those people waiting. At no time did this other bozo take over from me, nor offer any kind of contribution.

Then there was the situation with sample (pour) size. My first information was we were pouring 4oz, then it became 2, and at the end of the night the word was 1. OMG, these idiots. And there was little guidance as to anything else. As the people moved along the walk, we were left with no-one to serve, and the monkeys descended into boring shoptalk. I kept apart and silent. That was for the best.

Happily I was out of there at 9:00 pm, with a 9:00 am start the next day. But as an example of just how poorly disciplined and organized these people are, there are few better.