Binders and Bogans

Retail gives one a skewed view on the way we interact, fed, no doubt by the utter mindlessness of it all.

Take today, for instance. Sundays are coupon day, which means those who care about such things find themselves motivated to drive to Bait & Switch for a bargain. The “bargain” forces them into purchasing a specific type of bait for a small discount; one dollar on seven, to give the most consumer-friendly example.

The point is that inducements to purchase like this are not about creating a lasting vendor/customer relationship. They don’t move either party to greater understanding of the customer’s needs, nor do they encourage them to learn more about the range and quality of the vendor’s goods. It’s a strictly pro/john deal.

Which is all fine. Incongruence keeps the mind off-guard, but coupons are the opposite of integrating the new. Coupons reinforce the notion of the buyer (mistakenly, and delusionally) getting one over on the shopkeeper. The conceit is that there is some imperative for the price reduction, which is a patently absurd construct. But so is the human imagination/delusion complex.