Nike never talks about price.

Disney never talks about price.

WalMart never talks about price.

One of the above statements is incorrect.

Which of these brands creates the warmest  feeling? Which creates the coldest?



  1. What makes me feel alive, fulfilled and present?
  2. What suckiness can I tolerate? What can’t I tolerate?
  3. When did my younger self lose track of time?
  4. Where do I find my mind drifting when it’s free from worry?
  5. What is my biggest fear?


New Year-type resolutions aren’t my thing. If I should be doing something, why not start now?

{This conceit, that I think, measure, ponder and then act is an act of self-delusion. Leave me alone.}

Discovering a few new emphases (note the subtle re-framing) meant the last few days of torpor weren’t wasted.

One point is really clear: life will become a series of enterprises, attempted and failed, with the object of creating ongoing income. Some will require more work than others, some will be disproportionately valuable WRT work input, others the reverse. (Meaning lots of work for less income.)

The one common factor is that everyone I meet is now a potential customer or provider. That sounds brutal, I know. But we’re self-protective animals, and even the most altruistic of relationships have some element of utility.

I’m open to everyone.

Big Boats

I see that the guy who invented the Go-Pro will take delivery of an enormous yacht in 2017. $40 million worth of luxury and bilge pumps is being built for him in Holland as we speak.

[This machine will take one tenth of the capital cost to operate each year, making it as big a commitment as anything we can think of outside marriage and children. Ahem.]

Good for him. This is as close to the acme of the capitalist dream as we’re likely to see. Nick Woodman’s passion for surfing and capturing his rides on video made him a billionaire. Now he chooses from a very large and expensive catalogue of stuff he can afford.

The question is: Can we do this? Why aren’t we deciding on bed linens and modern art for the state rooms this Christmas? Is this kind of success open to regular Janes and Joes?

The answer is yes. But I have a bigger question. What do we want? What is the goal that we actually have in mind each morning when we wake up? Do visions of megayachts fill our minds, or would we prefer knowing all our needs will be adequately met, our bed is comfortable and there’s a great cup of coffee waiting for us at our fave coffee joint?

My motivation now, today, is to be healthy, build a little of my business, and to increase my budget horizon. Today. Small. Achievable.