Passbook Account

The scene is right there, pristine in my memory. At the large meeting table in the staff room, the lady from the Commonwealth Bank sat. In front of her was a strong box. To one side a pile of opened passbooks; to the other, a similar pile of closed passbooks.

Mondays were banks days, I think we called them. Every child had a passbook (I’ll search for a photo in a bit) and made a deposit every week. The lady from the bank came to us to accept the deposit and annotate it by hand.

Imagine that: the bank came to us, and was happy to take twenty cents from children as young as five.

Unfortunately, the possible leverage over our savings habits so created was not used to best effect, but some vestigial elements remain, obvs.

Henley Beach Primary School, 1968: hardly the apex of banking service you’d imagine, but it was.

Should I Buy Now, Janet?


This is a Friday in August, when markets are usually asleep. All the bankers and traders are on their yachts bobbing about on the Mediterranean. Alas, the retsina found a way to get to stocks this week.

Today alone: Dow down 530, Nazz Comp 171, the 500 as you would expect.

Where is Janet? Should we buy assets now, as she keeps telling us? The question is, is she buying assets? And is that QE4 we can hear cranking up?

The above picture was taken off Mykonos yesterday. Owning a superyacht? Awesome. August on the Aegean? Amazing. Running aground on a Greek reef? Some kind of irony, eh?



Big organizations work and big organizations fail.

Small organizations work, and they can fail too.

If a strategy for success were universal, there’d be no need for the stacks of management books (and their associated gurus) littering book stores. Likewise, a guaranteed set of tactics that work every time would mean business schools would go out of business…telling you something about the B-School business you probably already knew.

Observing large, small, and inbetween businesses for a while, I think I spy one universal element. If your employees are all working towards the same aim, and they know what it is, you’re on the way to…somewhere. Somewhere good, I think.

And for the record I don’t mean the awful corporate-speak “Mission Statement” bollocks.

Hearts are Trumps

Heart Health December 26 2014

Here are the supplements I take for my heart health. This will also be my pic of the day.

Lower left is my coldwater Omega-3 Fish Oils softgel (from purified cold water fishies.)

The two magenta numbers are my phytosterols with coenzyme Q10 and alpha lipoic acid.

Next is a blend of concentrated grape skins and grape seed extracts, quercetin, bromelian, resveratrol and green tea extract.

Lastly, in powdered form, is my fiber supplement which contains a bunch of good stuff and actually tastes good (plus goes down without awful clumping !)

So, for a minute-a-day of mindfulness, I do my bod a universe of good.