Sunset in Osprey, Florida
Sunset in Osprey, Florida


It must be because I’m so new at this sales business. This morning a (nameless but close) friend and customer told me how much she liked my company’s protein powder in her morning health drink. With that, she presented me with a cup of the cucumber and spinach juice to which she had added the protein powder. It was delicious. Frankly, I was surprised just how good it tasted.

My reaction was a new one, for me, a mix of pride and happiness. Pride because receiving an unsolicited accolade like that brings to sharp focus that people really do like – or even love – the products I sell. Happiness because it means my friends have gone beyond the idea of being customers as a favor to me, and found their own fit for my company’s products in their life.

It’s an important transition, and one that reinforces that I am selling good stuff, for the right reasons, and that people get it.


Sampling Toothpaste

Because we know the brand.
Because we know the brand.

A visit to the dentist ends (mostly) with relief and a goody bag. The goody bag will contain the stuff that all dentists and hygienists think should be #1 priority in your life. In order:

– floss

– a toothbrush

– toothpaste

Of course, these are the first things I think of every day. Okay, that was just for Dr Kaman, my very excellent dentist on Bee Ridge Road here in Sarasota. Props, Doc!

Now, I don’t know if this is valid, but I’m going to do it anyway. This is my testimonial about my company’s toothpaste versus the sample of Colgate in my last goody bag.

The Colgate (pictured) tastes awful and leaves an unpleasant aftertaste.

My company’s toothpaste, in this case the Cool Mint Fluoride Tooth Polish, tastes and feels about as good as you’d hope.

There. That’s my testimonial.

Elbows Need a Hand

My rough dry elbows - gone.
My rough dry elbows – gone.

One of my favorite products is my company’s flagship moisturizer, which, as you know, I cannot refer to by name.

I have my own testimonial about this product, a pretty common tale of rough, dry elbows cured. My own RDEs weren’t truly nasty, but you know when people notice. Dry climates make the skin there particularly vulnerable to that chapped, dessicated feeling I know some of you know too well.

As a result, I can wear short-sleeved shirts without fear of the Ewww, look at his unkempt elbows looks I used to get, especially from the ladies. Sorry ladies, but sometimes you don’t hide it so well 🙂

When I first began as a customer with my company, I had settled, as most do, for the standard supermarket brand. My newly-found moisturizer was so much of an improvement, especially when I did a side-by-side comparison. The dopey store-bought stuff smelled odd, for a start, whereas the new stuff smells…well, just right. The consistency, greasiness, speed of absorption – all were a clear win for my new find.

End result: RIP my rough dry and frankly unattractive elbows. That’s a small but undeniable life hack.

Lest you think, Ach, big deal, it’s another lotion let me show you some of the testimonials from folks who have chronic skin disorders. It’s worth a shot, right, especially if you have your own rough dry elbow dilemma, isn’t it?

How Sweet it Is

An apple a day - and flossing - keep the dentist away.
An apple a day – and flossing – keep the dentist away.

How good does it feel to have freshly cleaned teeth? Just ask me, I had mine done yesterday.

It’s an up-moment, but I have to admit that my own stupidity makes an appearance in this small tale. The reason I ended up at the dentist’s office is because of a crown that worked loose over the weekend. Which actually makes me seem better than I deserve, because the dopey thing had been giving me trouble for around eight weeks.

About that time ago, I became aware of some problem with that tooth. Now, it’s been somewhat of a nemesis for me, because it’s a little difficult to floss around – a couple of rough edges and overhangs tend to snag. Plus the fit isn’t perfect, and it can be a little…not painful, exactly, but annoying. I could notice it was there.

Funny, I can remember the day the crown was fitted, back in Bellevue, Washington. The nurse technician – a bossy, not really in the job-for-the-job-but-just-the-money type – couldn’t really get it to fit. But she cemented it, and the dentist only checked her work. I should have known this was a bad omen, but being inexperienced in such matters, I didn’t think this was unusual.

Well, over ten years it gradually deteriorated, although not to the point of failure or pain…until now. And what did I do? I avoided the issue. I began eating on the left side of my mouth; worried about how much a new crown would cost; figured alternative plans. Anything, in fact, short of actually making a dental appointment and discovering the facts.

The crown stayed somewhat in place, until it didn’t. I felt it in my mouth and removed the thing, setting it on the sink. Now I had to do something. I made an appointment for the next day. The tooth stump was unprotected, and pretty sensitive to temperature changes. Oh, great. I worried, mostly about the cost, thinking thousands. Then on the night before, it came to me that my fears might be unfounded, and that a simple re-cementing might be the solution.

And so it came to pass. My dentist, Dr Kaman, was calm and solicitous, checked everything out, modified the crown for better fit, and re-attached it. $87.00. A deal. I was so happy I stayed for a cleaning, hence my awesome sweet mouth-feel.

Some points from my mental note-pad:

1. Worrying doesn’t help. Doing something positive helps.

2. Action displaces fear.

3. Flossing is important, maybe more important than brushing.

4. Quality dental products make a difference.

It shames me to say, but I hadn’t had my teeth cleaned in nearly three years. However, it is a testament to the quality of the products from my company that I use that the hygienist said “Wow, this is really clean for three years between visits.”

I use my company’s tooth whitening paste, their floss, the toothbrushes (only soft bristles please) and their mouthwash. Determining the value of not needing anything more than a superficial cleaning after three years, I shall leave to you.