In the middle of August, the summer of 2016, northern hemisphere edition.

  • Trump and Clinton are our choices for president, media want Hill.
  • US Fed debt at an all time high, $20,000,000,000,000.
  • Most big economy sovereign debt at or below zero.
  • Inflation non-existent.
  • PokemonGo occupies anyone under 30.
  • 94,000,000 people of working age NOT looking for/in work in US
  • Oil still under $45, US production steady.
  • Middle East still screwed based on Obama/Clinton/Kerry mess.
  • Obama pays $400,000,000 in CASH for hostages in Iran.

That’s all too depressing to continue.

It’s The Debt, Dopey

Amid the suspiciously frantic bee-ess surrounding politics in the US, there are some awful facts no-one seems willing to address.

The horror of the last seven years has been (is being?) masked with theatrics and posturing, an example of how a once elevated nation has sunk to vaudevillian lows. Chief among the disasters visited upon us by the political class is the nation’s debt. Now at…let me look this up…


That’s the federal government’s debt, just what the congress and president have agreed to. Around $58,000 for each one of us.

Let’s find a way to distance ourselves from the inevitable consequences of this level of servitude. First, and perhaps last, avoid personal debt. Maintaining our own freedom and liberty starts with not handing it to someone else. Debt does precisely that, whether we’re talking about a nation or you and me.

More disasters from His Imperial Obamaness.

Choices and Priorities

This week saw Dame Janet and her merry band of academic eggheads leave the Fed Funds rate alone.

The best, somewhat oblique comment I saw about this went along the lines of:

If the US economy is not sufficiently strong to accommodate a ONE QUARTER OF ONE PERCENT rate rise, just how weak is it?

In other words, the recovery is nothing like what we’re being told. You and I, fellow US taxpayer, have paid to bail out the big banks, to recapitalize their balance sheets, bring them back to profitability AND to mightily expand the federal government.

How do you feel about that and the fact that no-one has been charged, let alone done time? Yeah. Me too.

Time to go back to basics.

+ Saving is good and necessary, but unrewarded.

+ Independence from the need for any kind of financial aid is our aim.

+ The prize is a distant Budget Horizon, beyond our lifetime 😉

+ Cash-producing work is our lifeline until we have sufficient…

+ Recurrent income from businesses and/or investments.

+ Borrowing is only for you if you know precisely what you are doing, meaning…

+ Debt is bad for almost everyone. Including me.



Trusting, Not Verifying

A work colleague is ride-sharing with me at the moment, for the last couple of weeks in fact. If it were anyone else, I would not do so, but I like Luis and he’s amusing company. For the moment I am refusing his offer of gas money too, mostly because I feel good knowing a little kindness goes a long way.

Luis and I are sharing an hour and a half a day because his car was re-possessed. With two months of payments missing, the finance company – or whomever lent him the money – sent the tow truck to his apartment complex and hitched up his car, a Chrysler 200.

Let’s sit with that for a while. Luis works 35 miles from his job, making his car essential to finding a paycheck. He went two months without paying for his most important debt obligation not because he didn’t have the money, but because the money went elsewhere. Where elsewhere was not frivolous…but was avoidable.

In essence, this man with a dependent wife chose to jeopardize his entire life because of poor budgeting, rotten decision-making and faith that everything would work out. Faith is a beautiful, powerful element to our lives, but in my experience the universe rewards those who make hard decisions to avoid having to rely upon others.