Bait Shop managers hold what’s called a “huddle” just prior to opening time each  morning. That’s 9 o’clock.

Clearly they are instructed to review certain things. Safety, theft, shrinkage, deals, coupons; these appear as required, but the menu consistently contains a sales numbers breakdown and their plus or minus to budget. The store consistently loses customers. Yesterday, for example, the report was that customer numbers were down 10% but that sales were up 7%. ATV – average transaction value – obviously must be on the increase.

I raised this point, for the first time voicing my quizzical feeling about all this. We have no control over how many bogans stumble through the front door, but we have influence over what happens thereafter. Influence mind you, not control. On that front we are actually doing a pretty darn good job, but you would never know from the attitude of any manager. The prevailing tone is about adding adding adding without a thought of celebrating our ongoing successes.

It’s weak and stupid and poor supervision, let alone management.

Go Ahead, Make Me

Unveiled yesterday, a new sales target at the coal mine.

The manager concerned – back from a week-long surgical absence – promised a box of coal for a couple of minor prospective achievements.

Fine. The reaction from his miners was telling, in that there was no reaction. For a start, the prizes come from a “competition” with another mine, for which we will receive…what? I don’t care what happens to other mines relative to ours, and success would be transparently a corporate win for the manager, not for us.

In other words, there’s nothing in it for us, and especially me. I’m not a coal guy; my preference is for nuclear.

Jobs Blow

My job is at the center of stuff to change. That and figuring a way to make central banks irrelevant.

My job sucks because I have no control over anything. Responsibility. Requirements. Duties. All of that side, but none of the input allowing for improvement. In current parlance, we’d call it an asymmetric arrangment – I get the work, they get the symmetry.

The lesson is clear. I have seen really well-paid jobs, and really poorly paid jobs. They are both unsatisfying in their own way, which tells me that the money is only a by-product. What I really want is to make my own way.

My idea about jobs is different now too. One can create a job in which self-determination is integral. Some folks need the security of others taking responsibility, but can do wonderful, creative, productive hours of work within that framework.

There’s a goal: to start a business in which people work for me, but are motivated by the way they can also satisfy their ambition.



Life is mostly mowing the lawn, paying bills and getting your hair cut.

Every day cannot be a special day, so, instead, we have habits. To keep us moving.

Today was a habit kind of day. Unmotivated, the only choice beside staying in bed was to keep doing the little stuff so that it didn’t have to be done later. On a more interesting day. When motivation is in the air.